Dialplan concept (extensions vs gui approach)

I’ve been using Asterisk for many years and have created some sophisticated dialplans (as text files). I’m now giving FreePBX a try and I’m stuck at a very basic concept.

I assume calls arrive at the ‘inbound route’ context and from there run through other lines of the dialplan. But in the inbound route I can set only a single destination (1 activity). How do I add multiple activities? For example:

Call comes in
Based on time of day play different message
Play IVR options
Prompt for extension
Wait for an extension
Loop back to prompt for extension 3 times
Kick user off

In vanilla asterisk this would be trivial for me since I would create the dialplan rules to do this. But how does one do this in FreePBX? It looks like I can only direct an inbound call to one ‘destination’?

by the way, I see the “destination after playback” option at the end of the first destination I create, but it’s a very limited set of 4 destinations. (I thought maybe I had to link them one at a time this way, but the full list of destinations is only available on the inbound route)

You should spend some time in the wiki here, consider it as a sort of an M to be R.

Start with “Time Conditions” then IVR, you will find all you ask for is already there.

I’ve been through the wiki (parts) - and I see the IVR, announcements, etc. are all there as ‘applications’. I think I’m getting stuck because I’m looking at this the wrong way (the text file sequential diaplan view). Is there a particular page in the wiki that will help?

The modules all link to each other, so you create your chain. You start with the objects. If you create the IVR then you will see it in the extension destination.

Ok - I’m getting my head around that now. I tried creating a bunch of objects (applications which link to one another). Is there a way to view all of my objects in sequence?