Dialparties.agi broken in latest version for follow-me with call confirm on external number

Dear folks,

I have notices that if follow-me with and external number is configured, and call confirm is on, the call fails with this in the log:

– Executing [[email protected]:7] Dial(“Local/RG-10-#@from-internal-0000001c;2”, “Local/@from-internal/n,30,trM(confirm^^^10”) in new stack
[2012-12-06 11:41:31] WARNING[3175]: app.c:1956 parse_options: Missing closing parenthesis for argument ‘M’ in string ‘confirm^^^10’

We are using the latest version of FreePBS ISO downloaded on 11/25/2012.

I have fixed this issue by adding this in line 694 of dialparties.agi:

// Closing parenthesis needed on auto-confirm and confirm
$dialopts = preg_replace("/(M\((?:auto-)?confirm[\^A-Za-z0-9][^)\s]$)/i", “${1})”, $dialopts);

Now, has anyone else come across this? If not, why would this happen to me that the closing parenthesis is missing?

I would like to maybe have a developer chime in on whether is is a “safe” fix, and if so, maybe you could correct the script for the next release?

You need to submit a ticket please, developers don’t respond in the forum.



That’s the link I was looking for.
I have posted this there and will wait for a dev to respond.