Dialout problems

I have installed trixbox (2.0), running Freepbx 2.2.0rc3. There are 3 outbound zaptel channels (zaptel-1.2.10). Frequently the dialed number gets connected to a wrong number. When I look at the logs it shows the correct number, If you hook up the line to an ordinary phone, this problem doesn’t occur.

Any one have an idea about the problem?

Since you’re on analog lines, go to the trunk (g0?) settings in freePBX

There’s an “outbound dial prefix” option and set it as “ww” without the quotes.

This will add two Asterisk waits (1/2 second each). You might only need a single w or even three w’s.

what ever your issue is - you are running a buggy pre-release of FreePBX. You should upgrade that regardless and then if/when your problem persists, seek help.

After adding ww the problem still persists. When I get time I will upgrade the package.