Dialling UK Emergency Services in the UK over BRI

Hi All,

We have just installed Freepbx from the Distro

About the system;

Asterisk 11.9.0, Freepbx CORE, Centos SHMZ release 6.5 (Final),Fujitsu Primergy TX100S3, Openvox B200E 2 x ISDN2e pairs.

Everything works fine except for two things, both BRI related.

Firstly, there are two DIDs pointed at the first ISND2e pair and the one DID at the second. The Second pair’s DID shows up in the cli and I can route it no problem. However I cannot tell which of the DIDs pointed at the first ISDN2e pair is being dialled when the call comes in.

Secondly, we cannot dial UK emergency services (999) we have a dedicated route for it which is marked as “emergency” and I can see the call being passed to dahdi at the cli but the call does not connect. This is a real problem for us and I suspect one that will turn out to be something simple but I’m at my wits’ end.

Any help greatly appreciated.