Dialling from FXS port - tones ignored?

I have a raspberry pi running freePBX and a module with one DAHDI FXS port

I have set freepbx up to register with sipgate successfully, and any incoming calls make the analogue phone attached to the FXS port ring

When I try to make an outgoing call, I get a dialtone, and asterisk shows:

-- Starting simple switch on 'DAHDI/1-1'

When I start to dial, tones do not seem to be detected at all by asterisk, and no call is placed - there is no evidence in the logs, other than the above line, that the handset was ever lifted

Any idea why the button tones are (apparently) not being detected?

A bit more digging:

This does not seem to be dtmf relatedā€¦
If I dial in from an external number, then my phone, connected to the FXS port, rings - and if answered, can hear the caller

However, no sounds from the local phone are heard in the reverse direction

So it looks like not just tones, but audio in general, is not being detected by asteriskā€¦

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