Dialing twice to get out?

Hello i have a small setup with my home is the hub where the pbx server is and it haves analog card on it because the lines are cheaper the sip lines online. So my friends wanted to be on it and i bought 2 grandstream boxes a 4 channel and a 8 channel. Now everything is setup with no problem. All lines in all homes can dial in with no problem and my home with the analog lines can dial out and my friend john home with the 8 channel can dial out with no problem. Oh i forgot these are used grand stream boxes but are working. And my other friend Matt he can dial out however he has to do it twice.

Let me explain how. On his phone he picks it up gets the dial tone. Then tries to dial the number he wants and it gets a redial tone which is strange then if he dials again for the second time without hanging up he can dial out. Not sure why. each out bound is separated by a 7[01234]; and 7[56789]; and 8[01234]; i found out if using these in the caller id in the outbound this insures that my friends don’t use my lines.

The first grandstream box i setup after the analog box is the 8 channel that one has no problems calling in and out. But the 4 channel i setup i followed the same setup and the outbound is the problem. Only thing i can think of is something in the pbx server is off. i followed all setup of the 4 channel from the 8 channel with no difference. But I’m not sure what to do can someone please help me