Dialing String

Has anyone had any success with developing a dialing string that will assist in elimination of the need to dial 10 digits for an area that has a 7 digit dialing plan for their “home” area code. Also, is there a way to eliminate the # for single line or ATA users. We are a HOSTED PBX provider and Interconnect company as well as a Call Center. Our legacy clients want to use our Hosted services but we are getting push back due to 10 digit dialing and the necessary #

Any help would be deeply appreciated.


You didn’t mention the type of ATA’s you are using. I have never seen one that is not capable of storing a local dial.

A properly configured endpoint will not require pressing # or send.

I should have given the ATAs we are using they are the Linksys PAP2 for small applications and the Linksys SPA 8000 for up to 8 lines I have looked over the documentation the programs and can not find it. If you have any insight into this please let me know

Thanks so much for your assistance in this


For the PAP2 use this dial string replacing “561” with the area code of choice:


This will allow 7, 10, or 11 digit NADP no’s
[2-9]11 is for 911 & info services
*xx is for feature codes
0 is for operator
011xxxxxxx. is for international