Dialing Prefix Not Working - Multiple Companies Outbound From 1 Extension

We have 3 divisions and 1 employee needs to be able to have outbound CID appear correct depending on which division they calling out as.

So we’ll say extension 201 needs to be able to call out at

Each DID has a separate trunk and inbound route (because if you call 555-111-1111, you get one IVR and you get other ones for the other 2 DIDs). Each DID also has its own Outbound route.

I’ve tried setting up in the dial plan for each of the DIDs to use a prefix of 8,7,6 respectively so that when the guy at extension 201 dials out and wants to have CID appear as division 1 which is 555-111-1111, he has to dial 815556667777 That should connect his call to 555-666-7777 and his CID should show up as 555-111-1111

If he dialed 715556667777 That should connect his call to 555-666-7777 and his CID should show up as 555-111-2222

However whenever he calls out from his extension using the prefix of 8 or 7 or 6 the phone just says “Your call can not be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again”.

I am sure I have messed up something in the outbound dial plan, but I am not sure.

The Outbound Route

The Outbound Route for this should have e.g.
prepend: (blank)
prefix: 8
match pattern: 1NXXNXXXXXX
CallerID: (blank)
Route CID: 5551111111
Override Extension: Yes
Trunk Sequence: (as appropriate for this route)

Make sure that these routes are above any others that could match what you are dialing.

If that doesn’t help, check that your device (IP phone, softphone, etc.) is set up to permit dialing 815556667777. Immediately after a failed attempt, look at the Asterisk log (Reports → Asterisk Logfiles) to see whether the device sent the correct number.

If you still have trouble, post the relevant settings in both the device and FreePBX.

However, if your device supports multiple line appearances, IMO it’s simpler and less error prone to assign three extensions; the line buttons are labeled with division names. Each extension has its own caller ID. On incoming, calls appear on the line corresponding to the division called. With most devices, calls placed from missed calls / history / redial will automatically select the correct line. If you use speed dials or a directory scheme, line selection can also be automatic.


Thanks for your insight. I found that issue was my sip provider, Twilio, requires the +1 before the area code and that is why it was failing.

We have Cisco SPA phones in the office. Many of them are 3 and 4 line phones. I appears the support what you refer to as multiple line appearances.

Just so I am understanding you @Stewart1 you are saying I should be able to set the phone up for this employee so that he can just push one of the line buttons on his phone and when doing so it will automatically dial out on the correct DID with the appropriate CID to the recipient?

So you can have multiple extensions within FreePBX ring the same physical IP phone? Sorry very newbie here.

Can you please post a picture of that outbound route?

I’m not familiar with Cisco phones and can only give you a general description. First, you would configure two additional extensions in FreePBX for this associate. You then need to configure the Line 2 and Line 3 data in the device. You could do this by editing the template in Endpoint Manager, or by logging into the phone’s web interface and configuring the lines manually.

If your Outbound Routes and Trunk settings don’t force a specific outbound caller ID, then whatever you set into Outbound CID for an extension should be sent whenever that extension makes a call. By setting them properly for this user’s three extensions, the corresponding device line buttons should do what you want.

On incoming, you would route calls for each department to the proper extension (line button) on his phone. Of course, the details would depend on whether you are using IVR, Ring Groups, Queues, etc.

Thanks so much Stewart! I now have successfully setup 3 extension buttons on the phone and he is able to just press the appropriate button and the call is made using the correct CID of the division. I really appreciate your help with that.

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