Dialing Out from Voicemail


I would like to dial-out from voicemail; my goal is to call a local extension, return a call based on CID, or an AdHoc number from within voicemail.

I have the following string in the voicemail options box:


The prompts from within voicemail ‘advanced options’ tell me that I can return the call, or initiate an outside call. Yet when doing so, Asterisk drops the line (either when accessed remotely or via a softphone in my local network).

This would be an excellent capability, given that I would not have to write down numbers and dial (simply drive and talk) while commuting.

Another derivative would be to have the call initiated from CID, and once the call was completed, be returned to voicemail. I know, I am asking for a bunch.

And finally, how about having ‘urgent’ messages initate a call to a ring group - pick up the call, and then the user could return the call as above.

Ideas on how to resolve?