Dialing number . going to wrong one

i have 5 dinstars and connections are correct . so if i dial 0 group( which is 101 and 100) from room its showing correct room number . if i want to call from desk (from 101 or 100) to 317 its calling to 301 . the problem is on all extentions has anyone some idea ???

Please provide a much more detailed explanation of what you are doing. You seem to be making too many assumptions about what readers will know about your system. Taking just two points, Dinstar makes a variety of different VoIP devices and FreePBX has two possible SIP device drivers, although only chan_pjsip is really supported.

Almost certainly providing a logs of failed and good calls, as described in:


will help people understand what is wrong, as well as what you are doing.

so extionsions are configured on dinstar DAG2000-24S . and in on desk i have 2 IP telphones . . i have freepbx where from while dialing to room numbers (301-305) all calls are transfered somehow to incorrect number from same gateway . for example if i dial 305 call goes to 301 if i dial 423 call goes to 401 . somethings missing and cant get the point whats missing

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