Dialing International?

I had the carrier allow us to dial outside the USA. I have to use the prefix 9999 and force freepbx to use a trunk with this prefix. For example if I dial these two numbers:


When I dial, it won’t allow me to enter all the digits

That might be due to how the dialplan/dial pattern on the phone is configured.
The phone sends the digits before you can enter the rest.

Otherwise logs would help.

@avayax is correct, this is almost always the dialplan on the phone sending the call once the pattern matches. If you dial the number before picking up the handset does it go through?

You go into the Outbound Routes, set your International pattern and then tell it to prefix 9999 to that match. So now when someone dials an International number and it matches on that route, the 9999 will be prefixed to the number when it goes out the trunk.

If this is a dedicated trunk to the International calling service, you can use Dialed Number Manipulation in the trunk settings and set the Dialed Number Prefix to 9999 and it will get you the same result but on every call out that trunk.

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