Dialing direct to Voicemail box denied

To me this is strange. Out of about 12 voicemail boxes one has decided to NOT allow someone within the system to dial *ext to get to the mailbox. The mailbox is 110. I can dial 110 and let it eventually get to the mailbox. But when we dial *110 we get the call is denied. In the CDR we see the call. and the digits are correct in the dialed field. I have compared that mailbox to the others and the only difference is that they are using the VMX feature so callers can dial out of that mailbox. This has been working properly for many months.
She has a greeting setup but not a name for the directory.

Thanks for any ideas.

99% sure the direct dial to *110 is conflicting with the feature code prefix *11 for ‘User Logon’. Change or disable the User Logon feature code and you will be good to go.

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You nailed it. After I saw your reply, I vaguely remember asking the same question before! Getting old sucks, CRS (Can’t remember stuff) kicks in.

Thanks again.

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