Dialing a second number to route elsewhere

I would like to know if it were possible to do the following setup:

Someone calls a certain DID number, and when the call is connected a second dial tone would be heard, which would then allow the caller to enter a second phone number which would then be dialed through a regular analog line.

For example,
Lets say I have two physical locations. One in Miami, the other in California. When someone calls a DID number in Miami, I would like that DID to provide a second dial tone for them to enter a local number in California and actually route via IP to the California location and dial out via a local analog line in California. Is that possible? This way the call would be local to the Miami caller and free to me because the call would be routed via IP to the california location.




What is DISA?

Direct Inbound System Access. It’s a standard FreePbx Module that can be configured to do what you want.


Ah ok, so that is part of the FreePBX system?


It’s one of the modules.
You dial a number enter an access code and then you have full access to the PBX.