Dialing a Branch office extension from an IVR

Maybe I am missing something here. I have a site that has IAX2 connections to 5 other sites. They all can dial the extensions to the other sites and vice versa. The system is FreePBX distro V2.11. I have an IVR setup that allows extension dialing. When a caller dials in and dials a distant extension they get kicked back to the Invalid Destination. My “tie” tunks are set from-internal in the context.

What am I missing?


you could add the context [ext-local] to your ivr, an example might be

[ivr-3] ; Your IVR
include => ivr-3-custom
include => from-did-direct-ivr

so you can add it to [ivr-3-custom] in your extensions_custom.conf, but consider the security considerations here as you allow ANYTHING that can be dialed.

Thanks dicko,

I think I will have to try this on a non production setup so I can make it work. We replaced an IPitomy system and this “feature” was built in. I was unaware they were doing this. I might talk to them and see if they really need this.

Thanks again