Dialing 911

We are hospital and we are replacing Avaya phone system, on existing phone system we have that if anyone dial 911 it will show on safety and operators phone that someone is dialing 911.
My question is can I do something like this on Freepbx.
Thank you

With Page Pro you can setup a group with phones to be alerted when someone calls 911.

I know there will be people here saying that you can do that manually with some custom code, which is true.
However, being that you are setting this up for a hospital, you might either way benefit from the other feature page pro provides.

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For this application, I wouldn’t even think of using custom code. If it doesn’t work when needed and it results in someone dying or being permanently disabled, you may be involved in a lawsuit. I’d much rather have “I bought the standard solution from a respected company” as a defense, than trying to justify a bug in my code.


Thank you im looking on the pbxact to see where is my pagingpro i know we have licenese but im not seeing on the list


You won’t find an Admin GUI page called ‘Paging Pro’. See the wiki here:

the section " Linking an Outbound Route to a Page Group"

Thank you it worked .

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