Dialing 800 Result in Page (Linksys/Cisco phones)

Hi Guys,

This may be outside of the scope of this forum.

Currently I use linksys phones such as spa921 and spa942 etc. Some phone have a feature called group paging. I can see the following line in the Phone tab under advanced.


When dialing this, it ring all phones that have this feature. Does anyone know how to disable this from the PBX itself or if it is even possible.

I have seen someone suggest the Endpoint Template Manager, but no progress as to whether this worked. It seems the only way to remove this feature is to modify/remove the line form each phone which is time consuming and a bit of a pain to say the least.

As an attempt I have created extension 800 and set it to disabled, however the issue persists. Does anyone have any advice or knowledge of this?

I know this is an old thread but any resolution? I saw in another post someone had the same issue and at the time had to go through each phone and disable in the GUI. I think it really needs to be turned off in the template on the PBX side otherwise it’s going to overwrite ad hoc changes. I am struggling to figure out where to do that myself.

No. Those phones are dead (they were 5 years ago) and they were setup to do direct Multicast Paging from the phones. They would never touch the PBX for that. The only way to disable it is to turn it off at the phone level.

I actually just found where to edit the information in the template. So I should be good. If anyone ever cares to know they can reply. If not…then not haha.

I’m interpreting this to be an attempt at humor. Otherwise, it appears that a brand new user has come onto a public forum, reopened a 5 year old thread with a yet unanswered question, and then bragged they have a solution they are choosing not to share.

I care to know, please share with the class.

These would be the settings. They’re not in the EPM either via the GUI or the Basefile by default from what I can tell.

<Group_Paging_Script>pggrp=;name=All;num=885;listen=yes; </Group_Paging_Script>