Dialed Extension goes to voicemail or give invalid number

FreePBX 10.13.66_64 /w update10.13.66_22.sh applied

I’m having an issue where when you call some extensions you either get an invalid number recording or you’re sent to it voicemail, this is whist the extension is actually registered and active.

The net effect is that the extension can make calls but cannot receive calls, similar in some way to what occurs when DND is active.

Deleting and recreating the extension doesn’t fix this issue, creating a previously unused extension does seem to avoid this problem.



Just to update with the findings from this troubleshooting.

We had a queue with number 72225
Users were previously using 72225* to log into the queue and 72225** to logout. This feature no longer works in current freePBX, so users got confused and tried different combinations.

The feature code for CF all is *72. When user dials *72225 it forwards all calls to extension 225.

Hope this helps.
it would be good to have a cli command to see all active attributes(CF,dnd etc) on an extension.

I don’t recall a time when that ever worked… so on that part I’m a little confused.

There are a couple of reports (asterisk info, for example) that should give you most of that information. There’s also an extension report that shows the current state of most of those things on a web page through the GUI. As far as a CLI command - I think you’d need a few of them and you’d end up interrogating the ASTDB database.

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