Dialed DID always reports "not in service"

I have two dids. When a user calls one DID, I would like it to be routed to one extension and if they dial the other did I want to go to another extension.

I have set up two inbound routes, one referring to the first of the DID and the other referring to the second but each time someone dials it they get a recording that the did is not in service. If I use a single inbound route with the default of “any” it will go to the correct destination (an IVR)

How do I troubleshoot?

With the default route set up, make calls to both DIDs. In the CDRs for the calls, look at the DID field. The DID Number field of your DID-specific routes should match those exactly.

If that’s not your issue, paste the Asterisk log for a failing call, including SIP trace, at pastebin.freepbx.org and post the link here.

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