Dialed a bad phone number, hear "All circuits are busy" vs. "Number dialed is not in service"

Hi there - When someone dials a bad / out-of-service phone #, our FreePBX plays “all circuits are busy”. It would be REALLY helpful if it played “number dialed is not in service”. Trunk is voip.ms. Anything I can tweak or look at?

(why? “all circuits are busy” sounds like a phone system issue - so the users get all over me that our phones don’t work. “number dialed is not in service” is the user’s problem. thanks for listening.)

You could change the default congestion message on the outbound route; that should resolve this.

Yes, but that would give a misleading message if there were a problem with the account, or a technical issue.

For numbers that are incorrectly formatted (wrong number of digits, area code starts with 0 or 1, etc.), specify properly restricted Dial Patterns in the Outbound Route. The route won’t match those numbers and you’ll hear “Your call cannot be completed as dialed”, which is the correct announcement for those cases.

If format is correct but e.g. the area code or exchange code is unallocated, I’d expect the trunking provider to return a 404 so you’d get the “not in service” message. You can look at the response VoIP.ms is returning and perhaps compare to another trunking provider (AnveoDirect, Voxbeam, Flowroute and some others offer a small credit at signup, so you can do this sort of testing without making a payment).

Each Outbound Route has an “Optional Destination on Congestion” setting that you can use to customize the response. For example, look up the LRN to see whether the number is actually allocated to a provider. I use Build Your Own Service Plan for this purpose; it can be accessed directly from the Asterisk dialplan, see the API section of Build Your Own Service Plan .

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