Dialed *97 but it says no messages,althou i have recorded the message

Hi all,
Something very weird here, i am using FreePbx 2.4
When i try to call this extension x3805 and no one picking up the phone, it prompt me to record message,and i recorded the message. when i go back to the 3805 phone and press *97, after keying in the password, it says you have no messages.
Im fairly new to FReepbx, any help will be appreciated, thanks


First, welcome.

Second, if you’re new, why are you using FreePBX 2.4? That’s a very old version.

I suggest that you update to FreePBX 2.8 or 2.9.

Third, if you aren’t using a Distribution, may I suggest that you either try the FreePBX Distro (which uses 2.9) or PBX In A Flash. You can download the FreePBX Distro here:


You can get PBX In A Flash here: