Dial9 Hosted Extension DID Inbound Route

I have a hosted extension service with Dial9 as I am unable to use the SIP service they offer as it requires a static IP. For months, I have set this up in FreePBX by setting the DID to any so that calls to the phone number would work correctly.

I now want to add a new number from Dial9 and this means that I need to sort out an issue I have put off for months with the DID.

The register string for the chan_sip is correct with the username:[email protected]/username and under cdr the did is working correctly with the extension username ‘joshuacadman2-kittiwakeroad’. The only issue I have is editing the inbound route to ‘_joshuacadman2-kittiwakeroad’ this then says that the number is incorrect.

I know the issue will be the dash in the DID however I am only able to change the last part of the username after the dash.

Has anyone had this issue before as I would understand if no DID was detected

Does the incoming INVITE have the DID anywhere in one of the headers? If in the To: header, you can use the context ‘from-pstn-toheader’, otherwise you can use a preprocess context as described in this post: DID from provider breaks incoming routes (DID matching)

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