Dial VoiceMail

I want to Dial VoiceMail ,how should I set the IVR for this?
I think I should be able to dial *98 ( dial VoiceMail ) from feature code,but how can I set it in Ivr?
I use freepbx on trixbox v.2.2.5 ,Asterisk 1.2.24
thank you all.

If a particular person is looking to get to his/her voicemail quickest way to do it is to have them call there desk directly and press * during the greeting (you don’t need to program anything). It will then go into the voicemail prompt for that extension and ask you for the password.

Otherwise create a Misc Destination, create a destination label for Dial Voicemail, select Dial Voicemail, and save it, then it will be available on the IVR for you to select.

I know that we can Dial VoiceMail from internal extensions,but how can dial it from outer call?
I think it is related to custom App field in Ivr module,am I right? if it is not,what is this field for?
thank you

re-read the last sentence of my last post.

how can I create Misc Destinations? is that have specific module?

Yes it is a module, 90% of the functionality in FreePBX is module based and you will need to install them to use them. If you do a quick google search for “trixbox without tears” you will find a excellently written manual on how to build, run and maintain a trixbox setup. It covers how to deal with modules very nicely.

I’m guessing you just took over a pre-existing system? I’m saying that because 1. you should know what a module is as the IVR is one and you needed to install it to use it and you are using old trixbox versions.