Dial tone during transfer calls

I don’t know if this can be fixed, but i’m curious if it can. When a person calls in, and is being transfered to an extension the caller will hear a dial tone instead of a ring for 2 seconds.

To make it clearer

  1. Person calls in, askes receptionist to be transfered to an extension
  2. Caller listens to music as Receptionist pushes transfer button then extension
  3. Receptionist then pushes transfer again to connect caller to extension
  4. Caller hears 2 second dial tone, then the rings

I’m trying to get rid of the dial tone portion so the caller doesn’t think he/she was hung up on, and decides to end the call.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

FreePBX version 2.4.0

Could you post a log of a call from the CLI?