Dial Timeout

I just upgraded from FreePBX Distro 10.13.66 to SNG7-PBX. It seems like something changed with my dial timeout (pick up the phone, start dialing “I’m sorry, your call can not be completed as dialed” with say 5 seconds).
I can’t find where to provision this. Phones are Cisco 7940 and I am using endpoint manager to provision.

Using the OSS endpoint manager or commercial?

Seems like there’s no dial pattern matching in your outbound route.

A call log would tell.


@phlobot Commercial. I think this issue is related to this:

My dialplan-.xml files all have:

<TEMPLATE MATCH="*" Timeout="2" User="Phone" />

Any idea where to change this so when the files are regenerated, they have a more reasonable “5” or so seconds? Thanks. – Bud

Yeah, if you dial fast enough it goes through but the interdigit time on the phone is about 2 seconds before the phone sends the digits to Asterisk. Pretty sure it is something on the phone that is configured via EPM.

– Bud

So this was it. I was able to find that parameter in EPM under “Basefile Edit”. Change the 2 to 5 and all good now.

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