Dial the operator after leaving a voice message

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to dial the operator or other extension after leaving a voicemail message?

/etc/asterisk/vm_general.inc has operator=yes , review=yes

Pressing 0 works before leaving a message but not after. Callers hear “Thank you, goodbye” and the voicemail application ends the call.


Enhanced voicemail
New features (as of April 28, 2004)

•Option to have the CID of the caller heard before the voicemail
[color=blue]•Option to allow an operator to be reached after leaving a voicemail[/color]
•Option to review, rerecord, or save voicemails after leaving them
•Option to review, rerecord, or save busy, unavailable, and name prompts.
•Option to allow dialing out from within voicemail
•Option to allow calling back of the person who left voicemail (with the correctly formatted contexts in extensions.conf)
•Group voicemail (voicemail broadcast)

This is working. You must press # after leaving the message, followed by 0 for the operator, followed by 1 to accept the message. The system then dials the operator extension as defined under General Settings.

I was pressing # after leaving the message and then 1 to accept the message. The PBX then replies “Thank you, good-bye”.

I assumed there would be an option to reach the operator after accepting the message and not the other way around.