Dial string and suffix


My VSP handles a calls that end with # faster then calls that do not end with this suffix.

Is there a way to add this symbol at the end of the dial string at trunk or outbound route level?

Much obliged


It is not your VSP it’s your endpoint. # is not passed via SIP.

Check your dial plan.

Please note this not a proper way to post.

1 - You did not include the type of phone
2 - You did not include FreePBX/Asterisk version

thank you for the response. I will check the issu with my VSP.

I am sooty for not providing the info but I thought it was unimportant in my case


Again, I doubt it is an issue with the VSP. You can’t send a # in a SIP message. That is usually a dial plan terminator in most phones and ATA’s. It indicated the dial plan is not configured properly in the device.

Hi again

It seems that I am not connected directly to a VSP but through an unknown device (not at my permises) that converts my old PSTN lines to SIP. It usese the # to indicate the end of the string to dial and without it there is a few seconds delay before the call is made.

Assuming that I can not control this device, it brings me back to my original question, i.e. can I add this suffix at the outbound route or trunk level.

It is not a critical issue as I can do it manualy, but it would be nice to have it done automaticaly.

I use freePBX 2.8


There is a Panasonic Pure IP (NCP 500) I think between my asterix box and the vsp.
I can connect to that Panasonic therew analog or sip extensions it offers.

I have tried to connect to the sip extension but coukd not get inbound calls (just calls from the asterix to the vsp via the panasonic box I have asked for input on this subject but got no replies, which is fine as I understand the limitation of the support offered
I therefore use the TDM410 FXO ports to connect between the analog extension of the Panasonic box to DAHDI trunks on the asterisk box which works fine, just with the annoying # suffix.

I hope all it clear now.


Just put a # in the dial suffix in the FXO trunk in FreePBX.

That was my original question, how do I do that in the dial plan

You have an analog card connected to this device in your FreePBX system? What kind of trunks are you using?