Dial * so the tone goes out to external line

I have a user trying to check his voicemail at home and has to press * when the answering machine picks up. What does he need to do to be able to accomplish this.

I’m very new to all this so hopefully this is an easy one for you all.

I am not singling you out. We are having a large influx of users who don’t read the “how to ask for help” guide and the threads require those that help to request information. It easily tripples the work load. Hoping enough people see the posts of what we need to be of help.

I still don’t understand your post. The * DTMF code is not being passed? The featyre codes have to be dialed, they are not listen to in channel. Only the in call transfer code (default ##) if I recall.

How can we possibly answer this question?

You did not tell us what system you are running, how it is installed and configures, the type of trunks you have or the phones you are running.

Why can’t the user press the * key on the phone?

Running FreePBX and i’ve set up everything through the WebGUI. Trunks are from freepbx.com. Phones as Aastra I think 6757’s.

And the user can press the * key, but my first thought was that when they press * it is waiting for a corresponding number for one of the feature codes.

Go easy on me, eh?