Dial single digit number


we have 11 digit all extension numbers i need configure one extension number instead of dialing 11 digit number we need to dial single digit number example (0) please help me out configuration.

What is he problem?? You can make an extensin with simply one digit.Anyway be carrefully of features codes.

we have assigned extension to reception every one dialing 11 digit number instead of we need dial single number

I understand there maybe a language barrier here but this is non-descriptive. You need to provide a more descriptive explanation of the issue. Right now no one can understand the actual issue or what you are trying to do.

my guess is you want an “Operaror” extension, generally 0 , you can do that in Comedian mail. but generally you would make a 'Virtual" extension 0 that would just call firward always to your designated operator extension/ring-group. You can then use that as an inbound route or just from-internal