Dial Rule not applying

Shouldnt this dial rule work for automatically adding 01144 to an 10 digit number that starts with 2-9 and removes the first 0? 01144+0|NXXXXXXXXX

Aka, this example number does not work. Gives me a 404 error: 02123456789

For some reason the dial rule doesnt even seem to be recongnized and the cli is just showing the number as dialed. Any tips?

You may be confusing how dial rules work. The outbound route dial rules determine which trunk the calls will go to, only stripping digits as needed to determine the proper route. Then the trunk itself has to reformat the number to suit the specific trunk. Try your dial rule again in the trunk. The outbound route dial rules do not add digits, that has to be done in the trunk.

they arent even called dial rules in outbound routes, they are called dial patterns there, so obviously i was talking about trunks. I did though end up getting mine to work. It wasnt applying because my Outbound route wasnt setup to allow that pattern. Thanks for trying, but it works now.