Dial problem. Enter number then "dial" ok. Offhook and dial fails before number fully entered


I’m pulling my hair out. I have Freepbx and both Digium and sip phones. They’re all doing the same thing.

If I dial an external number “918005551212” and hit “Dial” the call goes out just fine.

If I go offhook or speaker where I get dialtone and enter the same number it stops me with a verbal error after 10 digits.

The dialplans on FreePBX extensions and on the phones all have a 91[2-9]xxxxxxxxx defined. For some reason when I call using the offhook method and dial by hand it chokes after ten digits are entered.

What am I missing?

I’m guessing that the phones also have [2-9]xxxxxxxxx (or similar) defined, which matches the first 10 digits entered. Removing that other entry should fix the problem.

However, unless you have a compelling reason to require the initial 9, IMO you should set up the system so you just dial 18005551212. If you don’t use 7-digit dialing in your area, you can also permit 8005551212.

IMO there are several issues with dialing an initial 9 on outside calls. First, users don’t dial that way on their home or mobile phones, so there will be some confusion switching between systems. Also, it prevents returning calls from the phone’s history of received or missed calls, adding a received call to the phone’s contact list, etc.

If for some reason you need to keep the initial 9, be sure to set up the system so both 911 and 9911 will work.

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