Dial Plan to manage which extenstion can be dialed and which not

Hi there.

I have 2 companies in a freepbx.

Company 1 (C1) (with extensions range from 100 to 199) can dial only extension in the range of 100 to 199

Company 2 (C2) (with extensions range from 200 to 499) can dial only extension in the range of 200 to 499

Also I need that C1 only uses Trunk 1 to dial out and C2 only uses Trunk 2 to dial out.

I am no expert here but manage to have a pbx setup and working. I’m in the process of tuning it up. So, please, easy with the instructions. :slight_smile: Thanks for any help…

Si there a way to achieve this?

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Use the commercial COS module to restrict certain extensions to only use certain trunks.

To restrict internal extension to extension calls you can use custom contexts.
There are many threads on this in this forum, such as this one: