Dial plan to block Premium Rate numbers

Hello everybody,

I created a dial plan to block much as possible premium rate numbers from much as possible country.
Here is a copy of my dial plan but i will be very happy to get feed back to improve it

thanks a lot


prepend,prefix,“match pattern”,callerid

perhaps you should first pre-preemptively allow only countries you accept, then deny ‘premium’ numbers within those countries as defined by your ‘carrier’ , otherwise your filters would become unimaginably “huge”.

Alternatively use a carrier that provides LCR (Least Cost Routing) limits that would deny any call resulting in $/minute -gt ‘your comfort level’

Kudos to https://www.servicevolontaire.org

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thanks Dicko.

Any idea where i could find that for betamax providers ?

You would surely need to contact your betamax providers :wink:

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