Dial Plan TimeOut Yealink T46S

At one location we have several Yealink T46S’s in place. Personnel on site have complained about not having enough time to finish entering the number before the phone automatically attempts to dial the number. This happens regardless of how many digits have been entered. We have the ‘Live Dialpad’ disabled on the individual phone settings. We thought that there was a setting in the Endpoint Manager that was overriding this, but it doesn’t seem to be a setting anywhere. The screenshot is from one of the phones. Yes, I realize the ‘Inter Digit Time’ is set to ‘0.’ This was previously set to as high as ‘14’ and as low as ‘4.’ The end user assured us that there was no change in the phones behavior no matter what number it was set to. Has anyone encountered this before? It is possible to just turn this off? Or am I simply looking at the wrong setting? The end user says that he’ll be in the middle of dialing a number, he’ll stop dialing to look at the rest of the number and before he can begin dialing again the phone attempts to make the call with whatever he’s entered.
The T46S settings are below.
Firmware Version
Hardware Version

PBX information:
PBX Version:
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2203-2.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.20.0

Check your Dial Now rules. If you hit a match it dials pretty much immediately.

UPDATE I removed line 3 in the Endpoint Manager. I didn’t realize that it only had 6 digits.

This is the ‘Dial Now’ settings. Is there anything there that you would deem unnecessary? I wouldn’t think these were set individually per phone, but rather set in the Endpoint Manager by the IT Manager.

Yes, if you have the EPM controlling your endpoints, it sets this in the brand template.

Most of that. how are your users instructed to dial the phone? How much babysitting are you doing by having this much stuff in there?

You can configure the Dial Now delay with this

phone_setting.dialnow_delay = 1

The default is 1, the range is 0 to 14.

Check what EPM is doing with this by checking the basefile.

I was afraid that was the case when I saw all of that. They’re instructed to dial a ‘9’ prior to dialing any long distance number, apart from that, there is little direct instruction.

Just checked the basefile, that setting is blank.

Change the basefile and that will resolve your desire for more delay. But of course, that will delay ALL matching dial now. so it will also delay people dialing normally and are used to it dialing quickly.

That fixed it! The end user confirmed by testing from multiple phones.

Thank you very much!!

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