Dial PLan number manipulation

Looking for some help with outgoing dial plan

i have a intercom which dials rooms 001 - 050

when the intercom dials 001 i want this number to be translated to 076444549978 which is a DDI assigned to the room.


Please provide your system and version information.

Also more complete information on the call flow you are trying to accomplish.

Is this in regards to the Intercom module?

System version is

intercom is connected via ATA i can dial out to the DDI numbers assigned to each
room with no issues.
What i need is the user to dial the room number from the intercom ie. 001 this
then calls the DDI number 0766543639

Rooms are connected to external voip platform intercom ATA connected to Freepbx

I am sorry, maybe someone else can help. I can’t understand your English.

I’ll take a stab at it…

If I understand, you have an intercom connected as an extension to an ATA connected to FPBX

when the intercom extension dials:
001 the PBX needs to place a call to to 0766543639 on a trunk
002 => 0123456790 (some other number)
050 => 0123456791 (yet another number)

This is messy but…if there is no correlation between the intercom number and the number to be dialed then from Extensions I think you would have to create 50 “Other(Custom)Devices” named (for example) 3001 to 3050 Assuming 4 digit extensions beginning with 3 (modify this to work with your dial plan) and in the dial string of the CUSTOM EXTENSION place:

SIP/[TRUNK ID]/0766543639

Replacing [TRUNK ID] with your outbound trunk name
and 0766543639 with the appropriate number to call for that room

Then in the ATA modify the Dialplan to Prepend 3 to 0[0-5][0-9] or assuming 001-050 is all the


Intercom dials 001 => ATA Prepends 3 & sends to asterisk => Ext 3001 dials 0766543639

Like I said, messy, but should work!