Dial plan Netherlands


So i have a dutch telephone number with the area code being 020
The land code is +31 or 0031

in my dialing plan as it is now (see picture below) i can call all numbers i want but only with the +31 in front of the number

example :

if i dial a mobile phone number that is 0612345678 it doesnt dial out but +31612345678 does call out

so what am i forgetting/not getting

Your ten digit pattern starts with N, which doesn’t match 0. It needs to start with X or 0, assuming you are relying on on hook dialling and phone dial plans that know when they have only received a partial number, as against having a 9 (UK convention) prefix, for outgoing calls.

N, X, and Z are based on the structure of North American numbers, so you need to be conscious of what they really mean when using them outside the NANP area. N only matches 2 to 9.

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