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I need help understanding what this dial plan does. I would like users to be able to add a “1” when making a call with the area code and number(10 digits) or a toll free number. Now if they proceed a number with a “1” they get “number not in service” recording.

Admittedly, this is a newbie question. Guilty as charged.


You are prepending +1 you said you wanted to prepend 1 for 10 digit dialing, you should also add 1NxxNxxxxxx for folks who have already dialed an eleven digit call if the + belongs anywhere is in the trunk dialing ruled that require it.

Thanks. I understand the need to add 1NxxNxxxxxx. But, please explain what prepending +1 in the current dialplan does. I “inherited” this system from someone else and I’m trying to make sense of what was intended here to see if I still want/need it.

Some trunks like what is called e164 dialling, whereby the + is a metacharacter for international access , i.e. 011 for NANP land and 00 for MOTROTW . most phones dont have that key but all cell phones do (by long pressing the 0) so if your carrier needs it on their trunks then add that to that particular trunks dial manipulation rules

Thanks for that explanation. But just to be sure I understand … if I just want my users to have the option of calling a number “long distance” or toll-free (10 numbers) and adding a 1 before the number, I need to add 1NxxNxxxxxx to the existing dial plan. Correct?

If they dial 10 digits but the trunk needs 11 prepend 1 to NXXNXXXXXX
if they dial 11 digits ------------------------- then also have 1NXXNXXXXXX
.( its all in the wiki linked at the top of this page)

As it turns out my SIP trunking provider (Bandwidth.com) supports only 2 number formats - E.164 and 10-digit. Even if I add 1NxxNxxxxxx to my dial plan outbound calls fail. Is there a way to create an entry in my dial plan to accommodate a user that adds a “1” before a 10-digit number as this is the way a lot of numbers are posted for contact information?

Create outbound routes
11 digit = 1NXXNXXXXXX
10 digit = NXXNXXXXXX

in the trunk manipulation rules prepend + to 1NXXNXXXXXX and either accept NXXNXXXXXX as-is or prepend +1 to it.

If you only have that one trunk , do it in or both places but just understand what the prefix and the prepend does to the base number, again all in the wiki and most in the hover over help.


I will look at the wiki for guidance. At my current knowledge level your last response “does not compute”.

I do really appreciate your assistance with this. But I do need to educate myself more to comprehend and take action on what you advise.

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Your PBX is very old. Consider updating.

Agree with @dicko, I have this in my Dial patterns because we make many LD calls and don’t want to add the prepend 1.

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