Dial Plan help please

I know that there is documentation around this, but I cant seem to get it right
What I want is the following:

All the numbers in our country start with 0. I do not dial international numbers at all.
So what I want is a simple dial plan for my SIP Trunk.
A user dials 0111231234 for example. nothing should be stripped or added. It should go through as dialed.

Just to avoid confusion, when I said above that the simplest route pattern would be 0. I probably should have mentioned that the period was part of the pattern, not just the end of the sentence. The simplest pattern would be 0. with the period being a wildcard character that matches any number of digits. If you just used a single digit 0 it would not work, and if that’s the case I apologize for not making it clearer the first time around.

Other than that, I can only suggest you watch the CLI as you place a call and see if it’s even getting to the trunk. If it’s not, something’s wrong in your route configuration, but if it is then it’s either a trunk configuration problem or a problem with the provider.

And now the CORRECT answer: In your Trunk settings you need NOTHING. No patterns at all. None, nada, zip.

In your Outbound ROUTE you can match on whatever pattern you need. The simplest would be 0. If the numbers are all of a fixed length then you can use 0XXXX… (use as many X’s as there are digits after the 0).

But in your Trunk, it is usually useless to add any pattern that does not either add or strip digits (there is an exception, but it doesn’t apply in your case).

Ok I got it. I removed the dial plan out the trunk. I have been getting “all circuits are busy now” that is why I thought the dial plan is the issue.
My sip trunk is registered (sip show registry)but I cannot make a call anywhere.

Then you simple need a dialplan of 011XXXXXXX