Dial plan help: dialing letters

If there is a way to do this outside of extensions.conf I’m all ears. The question is really: how can I return a call from someone using a forced CID (via trunk settings) containing characters other than numbers?

How I’ve dug myself into this hole: Accounting department is comprised of a few extensions and they want to be able to call internally to other extensions showing “2005 Accounting Dept”. I made a custom trunk and then made an outbound route with prefix 55, matching only 4-digit extension numbers (XXXX), and only allowing 4 specific extensions in the CID field.

That works. Now, when someone misses a call from 2005 Accounting Dept and try to call it back it obviously does not work. They can easily pick up the handset and dial 2005 but I’m hoping there’s an easy way to allow them to call back from the call history on the phone as well.


Why can’t they use the SIP user name field? ("Accounting Department" <[email protected]>)? (I think FreePBX calls this Display Name.)

Also note that spaces are not valid in SIP URIs, so either they will get converted to %20, or you are relying on error recovery behaviour.

We totally can use that. We gave it a spin and applied it to the trunk cid, but we cut out the domain name. The trunk now uses the extension, but it ignores the name in the quotes, instead using the extension name. This isn’t too bad, we just renamed the Extension to match the trunk, and we’re all good.

Thanks for helping us by reminding us of a solution we’ve used many times before.

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