Dial plan for the UK

Hi there,

I am new to Asterisk2Billing and Asterisk/FreePBX and I am getting on very well, however can anyone help me with a dial plan. We are in the UK and all our telephone numbers start with “0” (i.e. 01234 678 910), but our termination provider requires that we send calls to them in the E164 format (i.e. 44 (UK code) and miss off the “O”. So the number 01234 678 910 would need to be sent as 44 1234 678 910. I have searched the forum and someone posted 44+0|ZX., but can’t get it to work.

I also tried something like 01|+441XXXXXXXXXXX and 01|+441. but did not seem to work. Is there a log that I can what Asterisk/Asterisk2Billing is trying to send?

Any help with the dial plan would be appreciated.

Regards - Colin

ok real simple
020 = 004420
so you would do this

hope that helps you see the patterns