Dial Plan Delay for Trunk

Is there a reason why the “|” (delay) option is not available for trunks?

How would you use the match pattern “pause” on a trunk?

You may have a point, but do the outbound dial plans control the timing when connecting to the trunks such that a delay at that point will be seen by the FXO line.?

You’d have to do it in a custom-context. Once the trunk is attached to your context stream, it is simply ‘there’.

So, you match a pattern and get a trunk spun up, then use your context to do the programmatic steps required to implement your pause.

Remember, the original question was about using a pause for a trunk, and since all you get with trunks is a match pattern (not dial manipulation rules), there’s no way to do it on the trunk. It has to be done after the trunk is attached.