Dial Plan 0044+ Doesn't Work

Currently I have the following setup:

Asterisk w/ FreePBX using a Skype Connect and a Single Channel.

If I add Dial Pattern 0044. to my Outbound Routes and Dial 0044208… Then my call is conneted. Great

Problem: If I change the Dial Pattern to 0044+X. and Dial the same number then I get My Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed…

Can someone please point me in the right direction.


hi ssedwards1, why are you trying to change it if the first one works?

however, to answer your question if you use 0044x. it will do the same job.

Thanks for the reply nellyb. Sorry I should have explained myself further.

I would like to be able to directly dial 0208… without the 0044. Now i’ve read that including the following 0044+0|XXX. as my Dial Pattern should work but when I look through the logs I only 208…