Dial patterns


Today we noticed a problem with a dial pattern.
One of our customers tried to call the emergency number but it wasn’t accepted by the dial pattern. Here in Holland we don’t have 911 as emergency number but 112.

Can anyone tell me how to put this in a dial pattern?
And while still on this subject, how do I make a dial pattern for number that start with 0900 but have different count of numbers after that. For example:
09001884 and 09001170000 are both 0900 numbers that need to be dialed.

Any help in this would be appreciated!

Would a, perhaps stupid, add-on question be OK?

If you’re not doing least-cost routing, are these elaborate dial plans necessary? Just a single . has worked fine for me so far.

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Mikkel C. Simonsen

I allready found it, just add 112 as a single pattern and that is sufficient.

But still not sure about those 0900 numbers.
Now I’m having a single line for each but there must be a better way I think…

This is what I have now:

I have in Sweden this dial pattern:

Every number that we need to dial begins with a 0, and 0. route out everything that begins with a 0 despite how many digits to follow.

  1. is for all emergency in Sweden, as polic etc (112, 11414 etc)
  2. if for services that some provider in Sweden have, like 90510

That is great, here in Holland every number also starts with a zero and 11 is also for all emergency numbers here.

Tack så mycket!

Hi @James83 i see you live in Holland. Can you please send me your dial pattern for PBX ? i am struggling to find the correct format.

This is what i ve done so far. 0030 is because we are a greek company so i need international calls to greece as well.