Dial patterns v2.8 vs v2.7

Dear all.

I have configured some dial patterns in a v2.8 test environment that i want to implement in my v2.7 production environment.
but i cannot get the same configured in the 2.7 version as there is no prepend field in the old version

the configured dial patterns in v2.8 are:

Dial Patterns that will use this Route

prepend prefix match pattern
(0115999) + 9| [5XXXXXX / ]

In v2.7 it’s a free format field, how can i configure this prepend?

it allows calls dialed like:


dialed out as:


this is needed for online dialing to local numbers.

Hope someone will be able to help me with this.


THAT IS INCORRECT - and that is one of the reasons why it changed in 2.8, to enable this new capability.

You CAN NOT prepend on the Dial Patterns in pre 2.8 Outbound Routes which is what is being requested here. The change to the new format, and all the back end schema changes, is what allowed us to introduce prepending at the route level which introduces new capabilities that could not previously be done.

You are thinking of Trunk Manipulation rules, which are not at all the same and serve a very different purpose. Although there are times you can accomplish what you need to at the Trunk level, in most cases that is not the case. Outbound Routes determine IF a call will take a given route and if the choice is taken, manipulation with prefix removals and prepend additions is done. Trunk manipulation rules simply serve to manipulate the actual number being dialed (after any changes at the route level) prior to sending it out the specific trunk. They NEVER decide whether or not the trunk will be tried, it will always be tried if it gets that far down the chain.

So … if you need to do your prepend manipulation at the route level, then your only choice to do what you’ve setup is to upgrade the system to 2.8. Otherwise you will have to find alternative solutions.

It’s actually easier in 2.7 and earlier, you just enter your patterns the same way but omit parenthesis, square brackets, and spaces. And, don’t use the separator character that follows a field you are leaving blank (except for the / character, omit that if the field AFTER it is blank). So…

(0115999) + 9| [5XXXXXX / ]



Which means, if someone dials 95XXXXXX, the outbound route strips off the leading 9 and prepends 0115999, making the number sent to the provider 01159995XXXXXX

Hope that helps.