Dial Patterns/Outbound Routes Zug Switzerland

I am trying to configure a install for our office in Zug Switzerland and am in need of some assistance w regards to dial patterns/outbound routes. Could someone provide me the dial patterns needed to successfully configure this setup for the Zug locale? I have the emergency numbers as 117 118 and 144. Thats the easy part the hard part is including patterns that will be for everyday calling. 9 is predialed for all outbound calls other than that we have no outbound restrictions.
thanks in advance!

Do you want your users to press 9 before the number, or do you want to add a 9 to the dialled number?

If you want your users to press a 9 first, and later strip it (as it is often done with a 0 here), then this dial string should work:


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Mikkel C. Simonsen

It was my understanding that the dial patters can differ from country to country so I was hoping that someone knew what I should expect in Switzerland.
I did do a search prior and did see your reply to that question. It was informative but unfortunately I don’t know if the same practice would hold true in my scenario concerning Switzerland.
What are your thoughts?

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