Dial Pattern

Does anyone know how I can set up a dial pattern that would allow digits in excess to be ignored. Sometimes companies will advertise their number as being 1-800-MYCOMPANY obviously the last 2 digits would need to be ignored in order for this to be a valid number.

copy/paste from here.

Suppose you are in North America and you want to look at the first valid 10 digits dialled. The steps are as follows:

  1. Admin, Custom Destination using the code from-internal,${EXTEN:0:10},1Name this whatever you want.
  2. Under Applications, Misc Application create a new feature code using _NXXNXXXXXX. note the trailing period and leading underscore. Give it a name and set the destination to the custom destination created in step 1.

The feature code will look at all cases where the user dials 11 or more digits where the first 10 are valid NAPA numbers, keep the first 10 and then dial the number. You can do the exact same process again for numbers including a leading digit 1 with the following adjustments:

Custom destination: from-internal,${EXTEN:0:11},1 Misc Application: _1NXXNXXXXXX.

Is this causing a problem? I think the extraneous digits would be ignored. I just dialed 1-800-555-12123333 from a phone and got connected to toll free directory service which is 1-800-555-1212.

It depends on the trunk. My DAHDI trunks don’t have an issue with extra digits, but my SIP trunks do.

You should set up the dial plan on your phones so that it sends out the calls as soon as you reach the correct number of digits, i.e.

1 + XXX + XXX + XXXX - > Call goes out immediately without waiting for more.
[2-9]XX + XXX + XXXX -> Same.