Dial pattern in GUI removes pipe char

Hi all.

I’m trying, using Freepbx to set a dial pattern in an outgoing trunk.

I need to remove the first “0” on a french number like 060504030201 to obtain 60504030201.

In the trunk, in the Dialed Number Manipulation Rules tab, i enter the pattern 0|ZXXXXXXXX into the GUI dial pattern field but after validating config :

  1. Dialed number remains 060504030201
  2. When I open back the setting, the “|” (pipe char) is removed and I only have 0ZXXXXXXXX
    (this is why it do not work)

How can I remove the first “0” using the GUI ?

Any help is greatly appreciated…

For what you are asking, use:
prepend: (leave blank)
prefix: 0
match pattern: ZXXXXXXXX

However, your request seems strange. Numbers in France, other than emergency and short codes, have exactly 9 digits after the initial 0. For example, a mobile number might be 0605040302.

I am not aware of any provider that would accept 605040302. Some might require 33605040302 or +33605040302. Who is the trunking provider?

Thanks… It works !

My need is to get +3360504030202.
I found the way to add +33 but I was unable to remove the initial 0.

The need is for GSM gateway using chan_dongle… And the number with french provider named “Free mobile” should contain country prefix.

Hope you better understand my need.


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