Dial Pattern for Skype for Business only via extension

Dear All,

I have freepbx configured with Skype for business and another SIP provider. I am trying to create a dial plan where I can translate a full URI to an extension.

The Tel URI on Skype for Business is something like +12466261223;Ext=44125
I would like to be able to dial from FreePBX only via 44125 and translate this to the full URI or DID only.

I tried to do this by prepending +DID | 4XXXX but the translation comes as +1246626122344125.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Anyone can help with this?

I think that there is not a direct way in FreePBX to do what you need. You will probably have to manually code for that replace string to happen.

You mean script?

I mean creating a custom context/dialplan on Asterisk.

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