Dial outside number, pause for 5 seconds, dial option

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to do a custom configuration with a FreePBX phone system (v2.0.1) where a user goes into the auto attendant, dials an option, the phone system then dials an external number, waits 5 seconds, and automatically inputs the corect option for the user. Is this possible?

So, the user would dial into the phone system, hear the promt to dial 8 for an option, the phone system would connect to an outside number, wait 5 seconds, and then auto dial the number 8 to connect them to the correct option on the external phone system.

I found the wait(n) option in the Asteriks documentation but I’m unclear in the FreePBX phone system where to place that option to force the FreePBX system to wait the n seconds to dial the next number.

Any help with this would be greatly appreicated.