Dial Number to Broadcast Recording

I need some guidance on how to do this or at least some starting points for research.

I want to dial a number and have the system play a recorded message to a group of extensions.


  1. User dials 9999
  2. Group of extensions are paged (like intercom)
  3. Recorded message is played to entire group
  4. Call is ended

I am able to accomplish the following, but it is more complicated than I want.

  1. User calls Paging Group
  2. User conferences with Misc Application
  3. Misc Application plays Accouncement

Or I can do the following, but then the user has no control of the call.

  1. User calls Misc Application
  2. Misc Application plays Annoucement
  3. User transfers call to Paging Group

You can enable this functionality with the Paging Pro Module.