Dial manipulation rules


We run a Freepbx system, version 6-12.65-27, from the UK. We also have a user in the states connected through a VPN onto the PBX. This works fine, we get voice both ways etc and when the user dials a US number it routes through our USA SIP trunk. However this user has to dial 001 before the US number as it’s on a UK system. Is there a dial manipulation rule or other option I can use so that the user does not have to dial 001 and the system will automatically add the 001 based on the user extension or number called?


Are there any 10-digit UK numbers? I should probably know this off-hand but I don’t :frowning:

Not in the UK you always need to dial 0 first :wink: even with that covered, not quite all, just most are 10 digits from outside the country if you don’t count the +44 (01144 for NANP land)

Carlisle has some interesting history, much of the ordnance used in WW1 was made there, and it was made with a high failure rate in the afternoons, hence the nationalization of it’s brewing companies and the start of Englands “licensing laws” maybe Brampton still has a hangover :wink: